Is it Better to Register Late for an Online Poker Tournament?

Players who play online poker know that the best chance they have to make a large return on a small investment is to enter a tournament. There are thousands of tournaments going on all day long at hundreds of different online poker sites, and it’s never hard to find a game. A lot of players may be used to registering for a tournament early and waiting for it to start, but here we discuss whether entering the tournament later is a better option.

The Re-Buy Situation

Let’s start by taking a look at the fact that most online poker tournaments will allow players to re-buy a certain number of times in order to build up the overall prize pool. Say, for example, you pay $5 to enter a tournament at the beginning, and you are given 10,000 chips to play with. You make it through the early stages of the tournament unscathed, winning the odd hand here and there but rarely picking up large amounts due to the blind levels still being low. After sticking it out through these levels you then get busted out on an all-in and your tournament is over, unless you buy back in. The thing is, when you re-buy for another $5 you still only get 10,000 chips, even though the blinds are much higher at that point. So why not skip the first buy in and wait until the blinds are raised before registering for the tournament in the first place?

Let Other Players Knock Each Other Out

Don’t be the guy who builds up the pros’ stacks early on by going all-in on foolish hands purely because you know you can re-buy. Let other players do that. In fact, get the whole rebuying thing out of your head and you will play better poker. In online poker tournaments like the ones held at 888poker, there is such a wide range of players of varying abilities. By entering a tournament later it’s easier to see which players are the experts and which ones are the casuals.

Going in Later Means Bigger Pots

One of the main reasons for going into a poker tournament at a later stage is that you stand to win bigger pots. A lot of tournament players who play from the start can get irate when they fail to pick up big wins from good hands early on. There’s nothing worse than getting dealt pocket aces on the big blind, and then watching every other player at the table fold in front of you. At least when you join later on and get dealt the good hands, the blinds are bigger. In that circumstance if everyone folds you can actually win a healthy pot. Failing to capitalise on big hands early on can also leave some players chasing the game, and this doesn’t happen to tournament latecomers.

Of course, starting a tournament from the beginning does give you an opportunity to get into your groove and assess other players, but the benefits of joining a tournament later on are numerous and can give you a big advantage

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